BP Gas Card

BP Gas Card

What Is a BP Gas Card?

A BP gas card is basically a credit/rebate card which consumers can use at all the stations of BP, and earn special discounts, while also benefiting from several special offers which come from time to time.

Why is it important?

With the ever increasing prices of fuel, it has become extremely difficult for people to afford their gas bills and the trend of switching towards public transport is on the rise. Keeping the situation in mind, BP has introduced this gas card to offer users some relief. There are a variety of rebates on offer, should a consumer buy gas or other petroleum product from a BP station, and are not limited to BP purchases only. The best part is that there is not a single type of card; rather customers can choose between a wide variety of cards to meet their individual and business needs.

BP Gas Card

How to apply for the card?

There are basically three ways to get a BP gas card, irrespective of the type.

1.         Online Method

This is by far the most accessible and quickest method. You just need to type the URL [https://creditcards.chase.com/#], and write BP in the search tab. A list will be displayed in front of you highlighting all the cards, their individual benefits, and an option to apply for them. Select the option which suits you the most, and fill the online form. This form only requires the basic personal information and bank account details when applying for the BP Gas Card.

2.        Via Telephone

You can also apply for the BP gas card by calling at (800) 539-8521 (inside the United States). The operator will ask you for the card type and the basic information required for the processing of the application.

3.        Applying at BP stores and stations

You can also apply for this card at any BP gas station or convenience store, where these forms are usually available at the reception. Mostly, these forms are prominently displayed for the ease of customers.

Types of BP Gas Cards for Businesses

BP has also introduced two cards to cater for the varying needs of various businesses, independent of their size.

1.         BP Business Solutions MasterCard

This card gives the customer an option to use it in any place where master cards are accepted. The discount however is only available as BP gas stations and stores. This card also provides the owners to keep a track on the spending through internet; gives them access to detailed card statements to keep a record; and also gives them the option to place a limit on the total spending through one or all the cards in their name. This card comes with a monthly fee.

2.        BP Business Solutions Fuel Card

The card is without the master card logo and can only be used for fuel expenses at BP gas stations. The owner under whose name this card is issued can have an online access to the expenses incurred and unlike the BP Business Solutions MasterCard, there is no monthly fee with the BP Gas Card.